Cantucci - Almond - Figs - Chocolate Italian biscuit Florence

Our selections

all high quality and genuine ingredients choosen for our Cantucci.

orange & chocolate

A delicious Cantuccio with dark chocolate pieces and pure orange peel.
A surprising taste thanks to the chocolate linked with the sweet and sparkling orange flavour for a fanciful result.

White chocolate & pistachio

The union of those two ingredients make this biscuit unique and inimitable.
The softness of the white chocolate leaves space for the tasty and deep pistachio's flavour.

Coffee & chocolate

Two of the most loved ingredients by Italians give to the Cantuccio a unique and full of energy character. Perfect for the coffee break or to end the meal with happiness.

Figs & Wallnuts

The combinations between two typical Tuscan fruits. The softness of the dough melt the sweetness of the fig with the rich wallnut's flavour intensifing the unique biscuit's taste to which is hard to resist.


The perfect balance between hazelnuts and cacao creates an amazing combination of flavour.
Really rich in flavour they're hard to resist specially for chocolate's lovers!

Chocolate & Coconut

A very delicate flavour biscuit but in the same moment full of energy, that links two such different ingredients but complementary between them.

Hazelnut & Pistachio

This selection of Cantucci will let you appreciate the goodness of the union between two typical Italian fruits exalting your taste with their energy and fragrance.
All moment of the day are perfect to energise yourself with them.

Black Chocolate & Pistachio

The strong chocolate flavour embrace the irresistible pistachio’s crunchness. A delicious eccentric note in a classical biscuit that envelops the palate.

Lemon & Almond

The combination between almond and lemon peel strongly reminds the deep and sour flavours from the sun-drenched south of Italy.

Orange & Almond

A pleasant combination between the crunchy toasted almonds and the strong orange aroma: a biscuit with an inebriating parfum to combine with many sweet dessert wine.

Mint & Chocolate

A duo between the mint freshness and the deepness of chocolate that reminds the original sensations of long time ago.

Chocolate & Hazelnut

The traditional combination of high italian quality chocolate and hazelnuts gives always strong emotion. The sweet but decisive flavour is always a victory.

Lemon & Chocolate

A sparkling combination wich link the chocolate sweetness to the saur lemon's flavour. The typical parfum of Amalfi's coast enclose the classic taste of a chocolate cantuccio.

Alchermes & Almond

Exotic and flowery flavour, the Alchermes makes this Cantuccio a unique one for person who love this liquor. It will be a lovely surprise for those who are curious to try something different.